Today is Positivity Day

Did you know that today is Positive Thinking Day?

From what I uncovered it was started back in 2003 by an entrepreneur who wanted to take a day to just dwell on some good stuff.

Easier said than done, right? You may be asking yourself how to dwell on good stuff when life is overwhelming at the moment. I hear you.

One thing I've learned about self-care, is that small shifts to how we think and look at our circumstances can help us stay healthier (mentally and physically) even while we are “going thru”, like our moms, aunties and other women folk in our lives have said at one time or another. Taking care of our health IS self-care and it IS positive!!

I created a mantra and reflections for you today that I hope you find helpful. The reason for it is a reminder that even in hard seasons, we can find little rays of positivity to help us get through. We don't have to bounce off the walls with joy because it's "positivity day" (unless that is your jam!!) but I believe it would be nice to take a few moments to remind yourself of something you've overcome against all odds as a way to know that you are going to be ok.

Being positive is saying "hey, I know I can't control this situation but I can do my best, figure out the lesson, and be at peace knowing that I tried/learned." Even just acknowledging that you are still standing and did what you could, is a huge reason to celebrate.

*Waves church fan with the ad of the local insurance company on the back of it. Now, can I get an “AMEN” up in here?*.

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