5 Ways to Make Melanin Your SuperPower

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

I don't have to wait for the Dora Milaje or Wonder Woman. I am the super powerful woman who can make 'ish happen and change the world. But FIRST...knowing this was the hardest thing to grasp.

Everyone says they know they are powerful, but I don’t find very many people who act this way. I do know this though...women of color are POWERFUL as hell. We can take care of kids, maintain a professional career, start a company, and still look flawless while turning 40, 50, or 60. I’m convinced that we do it all, at times not by choice, and we do it well. I'm also convinced that we need to make sure we know how to use our melanin as a superpower.

1. Interrupt spaces:  Yep, that’s what I said. Use your voice to make others listen to you even if they didn’t realize their space was ALL WHITE and lacking your perspective and personality.

2. Start companies:  When a black woman starts a company, she creates a domino effect. Other black women, young and wise, see her making moves, and they are inspired to do the same. Starting a company builds the legacy and wealth our community needs to flourish.

3. Vote:  Your melanin----our melanin, can change the trajectory of our society. We have to get out there and make the move and vote for those individuals who have our best interest at heart. It’s not always easy to determine who’s for you and who’s not, but we can be pretty powerful when we get it right.

4. Moisturize your skin:  ​LOL. What?!?! You look like a super powerful she-ro when your skin is poppin’ and glowin’. When your skin is moisturized, you can take on the world.

5. Speak Up and Out​:  Sharing your experience as a black woman can definitely change how people see, feel, and treat you (and all of us). Start a blog. Tell the story of when you knew you were qualified, but the “other” lady was promoted. Tell the story of when you started loving the skin you’re in. Tell the story of how you overcame the need to be more like everyone else, and decided to simply be your happy-beautiful-brown self.

You are powerful and beautiful. Your skin says so. Go be great!


Founder BGSC


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