10 Travel Tips for 3c-4c Hair

Summer ending doesn’t mean we stop traveling. I plan to head to a few cities close to me here in Cali soon, but I always have a little panic attack when I start thinking about what I’m going to do with my hair. Trying to get through TSA with my favorite bottle of curl cream and best co-wash conditioner is like trying to get past Fort Knox. 


So then, I panic momentarily. I need my products, dude at the security belt, I need my products. I refuse to let them throw my good $20 co-wash conditioner away, or even worse have their fingers all up and throughout my good stuff so I decide to go with the small travel options from the store. Well, that doesn’t always go over well once I’m in my hotel on day three with no product left (because who only uses a palm full----not me). Is this you too?

Does a girl have to walk around looking like her hair hasn’t seen water in years? I say no.

Check out these 10 travel tips for 3c-4c hair

1. Make an appointment for your hair to be done in a protective style that will last the duration of your trip.  Faux locs are poppin' right now!

2. Wear your twists or braids to the airport (for your twistout/braidout) under a hat.  It was good enough for Miss Celie and it's good enough for you too!

3. Take your twists/braids out after you've safely landed and had a chance to freshen up in your hotel room and not a moment before.

4. Subscribe to a hair travel kit like theblacktravelbox.com in advance and take that with you.

5. Create your own travel-sized bottles of your favorite products.

6. Find a retailer near your hotel and buy a few products once you arrive.

7. Use your bobby pins wisely and girl be sure to pack extra of those.  Pin your hair into an amazing bun, if your product runs out.

8. Keep your tried and true methods in play. NO new styles during the travel.

9. LOC (leave in, oil, cream). LOC. LOC. LOC. LOC.

10. Rinse the salt or chlorine from your hair immediately. Then, go back to #9.

Travel on, sis. Let that hair fly free. Drop a pic or two of your go-to travel style and use hashtag #browngirlselfcare so that we can see you in all of your beautiful brown girl glory!


Founder, BGSC

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