10 Affirmations For When You Are "Tired"

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

I put the word tired in quotations because I'm not sure it relays the full weight of the point I'm making.  We are beyond tired.  We are exhausted, burned out, overworked and even at our breaking point in a lot of cases.  Because of this Black women are at a higher risk, DANGEROUS RISK, of health concerns that hit our community hard, including depression and heart disease.  We are being stressed to death but being shown that this is just how life goes and we are a non-factor.

The days of powering through just for the sake of saying you got everything done are over.  Due to legalized slavery our ancestors where forced to play the role of wet nurse, mammy, mistress (aka rape survivor), cook, field hand and any other back and soul breaking task slave owners demanded.  The hearty Black woman did all these things and "survived" so is it any wonder we are still looked at as the doer of all things?

I know that I don't have the answers to everything but what I do know is that we need coping skills to counter these heavy expectations thrust upon us.  One of the ways (and there are several) to do this is to give yourself explicit permission to not push yourself to the limit or your breaking point.  You may have not been taught that it's ok to rest, or heard someone say that it is your right, so here are some affirmations for you to repeat on tough days that will help you remember that your health and wellbeing are a top priority. 

 10 Affirmations For When You Are "Tired"

1. I recognize that I'm not Superwoman, even if no one else does.

2. I embrace asking for help as needed.

3. I will take time to recover, restore and rest during times that I am weary.

4. I will speak up, say "no" and maintain boundaries.

5. It is ok to not have all the answers to challenges that pop up.

6. I appreciate my support system and am grateful for their presence.

7. It is ok for me to cry when I feel overwhelmed.

8. I will not own feeling "less than" when others judge my efforts.

9. I do not have to take on the world or be the designated solver of the problems happening in our country.

10. I embrace myself and love the woman I am right now.


Founder, BGSC

Disclaimer - I am not a therapist or licensed professional, and am only sharing tips and tools I've tried.  I make no guarantees or claims of success and encourage you to seek a professional for further assistance as needed.

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