brown girl pledge

The last time someone asked if you were ok, what did you say? Did you tell them the truth or did you brush off the question with a smile instead?  Black women are rarely encouraged to be vulnerable and honest about what we are going through but instead told to "stay strong."  It was required that our ancestors "man up" and get shit done to the satisfaction of White folks (just typing that made me angry) and unfortunately that  "strong negro" narrative is still being pushed today. 


Black women may no longer be enslaved in the traditional sense but we are still expected to give of ourselves and work ourselves to damn near death until we burn out.  If we try to buck the norm we are labeled as lazy, selfish, angry or problematic.  


Statistically we are tired and not ok in these streets.


  We MUST become bold and unapologetic about taking care of our needs because our lives depend on it. There is zero room for guilt, sis, but instead all the grace and permission you may need to take care of yourself.  You honor yourself, your family, your ancestors and God when you take time to rest, breathe and take care of your body and soul.

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