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The struggle to prioritize ourselves in times of chaos and stress is real and damaging. 

Get 20 inspired affirmations that invite healing, ease and grace into your daily routine, right now!

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Hey, hey!  I'm Bre, the founder of Brown Girl Self-Care.  


For many years I lived a life full of controlled chaos.  I  was afraid to speak up for myself, accepted any old thing in relationships, didn't worry about taking care of my body (fast food for days!!!), mindlessly spent money to mask pain, rarely made time for stillness or reflection and felt completely disconnected from God.  Depression and I were for friends for a time and life was hard.  Most of my beliefs and habits were rooted in trauma, oppression, and racism which unfortunately I couldn't see at the time.


After my brother was killed in 2017 I was reminded that life can be short and I didn't want to spend another moment feeling stuck, unhealthy and miserable.  From that point on I started implementing small habits into my day that helped me prioritize my wellness.   I was no longer stuck but instead was blooming, becoming more free AND loving myself and life much more!!  This is why Brown Girl Self-Care was started.  I want to see all Black and Brown women live life with an overflow of abundance, longevity, health and happiness.

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