Ever felt like you didn't matter or had to do everything by yourself?

You aren't the only one.  Many of us feel like we don't have a safe space to land because we were taught that being strong (and not showing emotions) was the only acceptable way to be.  A place where we can talk about our feelings without judgement, hold ourselves accountable as we set audacious goals or feel motivated as we try our hand at different ways of healing. 


Being held up with love in a community where you feel encouraged to bloom matters.  That is what Brown Girl Society is all about.  ​

What's included with Brown Girl Society?

  • Support System of amazing Black and Brown women

  • Live Check-ins (Sunday Evenings)

  • Soul Care Sunday Sessions every month where we make time to be still, breathe and reflect

  • Quarterly Goal Setting 

  • Personal Development

  • Monthly Book Club

  • Themed Monthly Self-Care Focus with Worksheets

  • 30 Day Challenges

  • Accountability

  • Guest Speakers

Questions about Brown Girl Society?  Read on...

Q: How much is Brown Girl Society?

A: Only $14.99 per month while registration is still open.  The price will then increase as we continue to grow and add more value.

Q: How long is registration open?

A: Registration is open through October 12th, 2020 and then doors will close until we are ready to welcome new members later on in the future.

Q: When and where are the weekly sessions?

A: Typically we meet on Zoom, Sundays at 5pm Pacific/8pm Eastern.  This is the same day and time for Soul Care Sunday sessions as well, which are held once per month.  The link for the Zoom calls can be found in Brown Girl Society

Q: What is Soul Care Sunday and can I join sessions without being a member?

A: Soul Care Sunday sessions are virtual meetings held on Zoom.  They are where we get intentional about slowing down, being still/resting, connecting without our mind/body/spirit and also reflecting with journal prompts. 


If you decide to not join Brown Girl Society you are welcome to join the separate Soul Care Sunday sessions available by clicking this link.

Q: Where is the actual community? 

A: Brown Girl Society is held on the Mighty Networks platform.  This is a perfect solution for those of us that are trying our best to stay off of Facebook, Instagram, etc since it tends to lead to distraction, comparison and "rabbit-holing."

Q: Can I cancel the membership anytime?  

A: You bet!  Keep in mind though, that if the price changes you will not be able to go back to your original rate.  Also, no refunds are available.

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