affirm yourself, black woman

(You gon' get all this upliftment today, sis.)

i am desirable:

I embrace my beauty, strength, intelligence and vulnerability.  The curve of my ass, fullness of my lips, kink to my hair, thickness of my thighs are exactly as they are supposed to be. I am desirable not because the world says so, but because I do.  

i am able to choose joy everyday:

I choose joy because God is good.  I choose joy because my ancestors fought and died for my livelihood and freedom.  Waiting for tomorrow to be happy isn't a requirement.  I will love, feel and receive the beauty and happiness in the simplest of moments.

i am responsible for my life, actions and feelings:

I choose how I show up in the relationships I build.  I decide what kind of person I will be in the face of adversity.  The actions I take are mine to decide.  I am free from the weight of carrying someone else's emotions and choices.  

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