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Meet Bre

Hey, hey!  I'm Bre, the founder of Brown Girl Self-Care.  I teach Black women how to let go of fear and prioritize their wellbeing by facilitating courses, and advocating for the normalization of rest and self-care. 

Can I be honest with you?  For many years I lived a life full of chaos.  I was afraid to speak up for myself.  I accepted "any old thing" in relationships.  My finances were a hot mess because I couldn't be honest about why I was mindlessly spending.  I allowed fear  and pain to keep me stuck in my life which caused me to miss out on a ton of joy and opportunities to LIVE.   I felt disconnected from God. 


A few years ago, after experiencing the loss of my brother, I had a hard look at my life and realized that I was not taking care of myself the way I deserved.  From that point on I made huge shifts in my self-care habits,  making room to become consistent with self-care which allowed amazing things to start happening.  I was no longer stuck but instead was becoming more free plus loving myself and life much more.

This is why I started Brown Girl Self-Care.  Self-discovery plus challenges from the real world showed me that if I was feeling held down by life (trauma, racism, oppression, patriarchy, etc) then I know that other Black and Brown women are as well.  Let's change this together by challenging the notion that self-care is a frivolous act in our community.


So, Beautiful Brown Girl, are you ready to start your self-care journey? 

You don't have to have all the answers. 

To begin, just decide, today, that you are worth prioritization. 

Try these for starters and see what resonates:

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